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Ferrari head says F1 humiliated by Singapore race

I think someone is being a sore loser! But before I get to that, let's see what the other team bosses had to say about the Singapore F1 night race...

BMW’s Mario Theissen: “Another spectacular chapter was added to Formula 1 history in Singapore on Sunday. Thousands of spectators were spellbound as they followed the action around the brightly lit strip of concrete in the heart of the metropolis. For me, the many unusual aspects of this race make it the race calendar's genuine highlight - in every sense of the word.”

Red Bull’s Christian Horner: “The guys here have done an absolutely unbelievable job. The effort that has gone into this circuit in the last 12 months is nothing short of phenomenal,” he was quoted as saying by AFP.

“I think of the spectacle of a night race, but not only have we got a night race, we have also got a great circuit, a really challenging circuit.

“They have just raised the bar considerably for a new circuit and the spectacle of racing at night in a big city such as Singapore is really exciting.”

McLaren CEO Martin Whitmarsh: "In terms of ambience, facility and backdrop it was just fantastic,” said Whitmarsh.

“Clearly, this has been a learning year and the organisers will have spent a lot of time overcoming the unique difficulties of attempting to put a racetrack into a metropolis.

“But we’ve seen Monaco evolve over many years and I can see the Singapore Grand Prix becoming our 'Monaco of the East'.

Unfortunately, we have one man that has slammed the F1 race here. He is none other than Ferrari president, Luca di Montezemolo. Here's what he said...

"When we race on tracks which should be used for the circus, anything can happen including the spectacle of the Safety Car," poor sad loser! Even with all the money in the world, it hasn't thought you a thing or two about sportsmanship! But who can blame this dude when his pit crew screwed up big time and his world champion Kimi crashed near the end. Well, one word would fit Montezemolo really well. Are ya'll ready? Let's say it together... LOSER!


  1. so u went to watch is it??? i cant be bothered. laundry and chores sitting at home, just cant be asked to go watch... not even on tv... i zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... any way. i noticed u added some new things on your blog. dont know if u saw my blog... i trashed my previous i started a new can also see my cats now with video. my tech skills not as good as yours mah

  2. Nah...I'm not into motor sports. I was just happy that it came to Singapore. =)

    I always trying to fine tune this blog. It's never good enough!!! Grrr...

    I'll check out your blog in just a bit. Hmm, with blogger you can add widgets and other cool stuff pretty easily. Aite, I'm off to your blog now...

  3. eh... what u think of my blog ah???? whats widgets and what cool stuff u talking about about??? so there is going to be a tattoo fair next year huh? cool.... air brush is cool ....heeee i wan a cat too....can u do poppers???

  4. Eh? You want me to airbrush poppers on you?

    Hmm, there are widgets that you can use on your 'edit layout' page. =)


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