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2 Days to ICT

It's two more days to the start of my annual in-camp training with the army. Come Friday, I'll be reunited with a bunch of cool dudes. 14 days with the beer guzzling Roger Seah sure sounds fun. Throw in Andrew, Poh Heng, Noor and Vijay, we have a bunk that sleeps most of the time. Tell me, what's not to like about reservist training?

Thank goodness the last day of in-camp training falls on my birthday. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do for the big 30. I've had a barbecue every year for the last 15 years. With the army and all, it sure looks like there ain't gonna be no BBQ. Damn it!

I'm hoping to airbrush as many clients as possible on Thursday. Airbrush tattoos and Halloween should go hand in hand. Think of it as FX make-up if you must. So if you know someone who is dressing up for a Halloween party over the weekend, please ask them to swing by EZ Tattoo on Thursday if they need a good old airbrush tatt done. Thanks!

It's about time to sign off. My son Drayden has an appointment with the doctor later today. Good night and sweet dreams...


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