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Singaporean Blogger Sex Tape

What's the talk of the town these days? If you haven't already heard, folks of all ages are talking about a certain female Singaporean blogger. She's in the news for all the wrong reasons. Some are even calling her the new 'Tammy'. Tammy was this Nanyang Polytechnic chick that made the news back in 2006. Her video with her now hubby, made her an instant celebrity in Singapore and far away places. I wonder how many guys jerked off that video...

Here's the thing, it wasn't like her romps were taped secretly. She knew about each video and she sure as hell agreed to to being taped. I can understand if you tape one of your sexual escapades for a personal collection. But four freaking videos at four different places?! What were you thinking girlfriend?

I guess that's the problem with us humans. When we're in a relationship, we have this total trust thingy. I love you, you love me and we won't hurt each other bullshit. Relationships are like the freaking weather in Singapore. Things can change just like that. And when it does, what's gonna happen to that naughty video of yours? Or that porn star picture of yourself with legs wide open begging to be impaled.

Well, Sun Tan can do all she possibly can to remove the video and pictures from the internet. The more press coverage this saga gets, the more interest it'll generate in the internet world. It's like a forest fire. The more you fight the fire, the bigger it gets.

I suggest she lay low for awhile and wait for this storm to settle. It ain't easy when you've got millions of people going ga ga over this Chinese girl. It's a live and learn experience which I'm sure is hurting her more than anything else.


  1. Tammy married the guy?! Wow!

    Eh, send me the URL of this Sun Tan leh...

  2. btw, tammy didnt marry that guy. she's only 20. and she's with someone new now.

  3. Any way, I am glad Noel brought this up. In fact i would also like to add that even married couples should not be doing that. you never know... one day either one gets mad and decides to divorce the other. all the crap will come out of the closet. Its a dangerous game here. As for tammy, its a high price she is paying for her mistake she made in her life, but she just has to realized that everything has consequences. So long she is willing to make changes in her life for her future. of course people around her should also encourage her to not be burdened by her past. and not one has the right to judge her for her foolishness. I like to ask these people if they have never made a mistake in their lives or sinned in any way. and dont start making excuses that yours is not as big as tammy's. a mistake is a mistake, a sin is a sin big or small. So take the log out of your own eye before you take the speck out of your neighbours. well I hope tammy's mistake can be a good example to remind others not to do what she has done. Its not worth it.

  4. To anonymous: Here's Tammy's blog...

    I remember her saying she's married in one of her posts...

    To nekobus: It's been a long time! I totally agree!! I think sex videos should be left to the porn stars. Marriage these days aren't like the good old days. It's way too fragile!


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