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The Shoot

I'm back from a long looong day. Phew! It's been one of those days where you wished that you could stop time just so you could take a breather and chill. But all is good and I'm back home in bed. How nice!

What do you think of the brand new banner? The pictures are from a photo shoot earlier today. I had the privilege of working with renowned international photographer ,Charlie Lim. You know, today's shoot was the coolest ever! If more photographers were like Charlie back in the day when I was acting and modeling, I would have had a better impression of the industry. Anyhow, do visit Charlie's website

Anyhow, today's shoot got even sweeter right at the very end. Ann was chilling in the studio with Drayden when Charlie asked Ann if she would mind being in the last shot. My little wife got right up and gamely posed for the camera. Here's the picture of husband and wife...

I've saved the best for last. I've been thinking about how I wanna say this. This is really huge for me. Errr... I, Noel Boyd, will be featured in a Malaysian newspaper tomorrow. It means so much that I can't describe how I feel right now. If you're from Malaysia, do pick up a copy of the Malay Mail from your nearest newsstand!

For those of ya'll in Singapore and other parts of the world, don't fret! I'll do my best to post the article when I get my tattooed hands on it.

I've got to print some stick-on tattoos and reply to emails. Thank you for reading and thank you for getting me to where I am right now. God bless to all...

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