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Need a chequered flag?

If Singapore needs an additional chequered flag for this Sunday's F1 night race, they can give this guy a call...


  1. i am rather disturbed by it! :O

    haha... i think the lizardman's face tattoos look better!


  2. I love ink but mine will stop at the neck. But, who are we to judge. I reckon some people are disturbed by my tattoos.

    Like this woman that started panicking when I stepped into the lift the other day. She pressed so many damn floors that it was ridiculous$! I growled as loud as I could hoping she'll pee in her pants! BITCH!

  3. last time i kinda got "scolded" by this older indian man on the bus cos i had tattoos. sheesh.

    i was too hung over that day, so i just ignored him. If not i would have kicked his ass!


  4. is it not understood that he has to live with this for the rest of his life... it is going to effect every single aspect of his future. LOL


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