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Goodbye is a bad word!

Today, I skipped work to send off two good friends at the airport. I normally don't see friends off. You can add that to the list of things I don't do. I don't attend funerals, I don't attend weddings and I sure as hell don't like saying goodbye to people I love.

The last person I saw off at the airport was a good old pal, Charles Cashin Jr. More about this kotek in the next post...

I made the exception today because Barry and Christine are like family to me. Barry and my mom were super close when they were kids living in the British quarters. Yup, that was way back when Singapore was under the British Colony. Although Barry is 63, he's a good old pal. We love beer, he's silly and he's got a good heart. That's all I really need from a friend.

Saying goodbye today was the hardest thing I had to do in a long time. A million things were going through my head. "Will I ever see them again?" "How's my mom taking this??" etc... We finally said our goodbyes and I walked away thinking happy thoughts. Cos I knew if I didn't, I would have broken down right there and then. Now, nobody wants to see a tattooed bloke cry. I know I don't...

Let's change the direction of this post shall we? Have ya'll seen the army blokes that patrol Changi Airport? Man oh man...I saw these two dudes wearing the most ridiculous sunglasses. If these shades are meant to look cool, it ain't working MINDEF!

image courtesy of

I'm sure these shades would look better on a muscular man. These two skinny dudes with their rifles looked like RoboCop gone horribly wrong!!! And what's up with wearing shades in the airport man? Is it too bright or something?!

Talking about the army, I've got recall manning this week. For those of you that don't know what that means, THE ARMY MAY CHOOSE TO RUIN MY WEEKEND BY CALLING ME BACK TO CAMP! It also means that I may not be at the tattoo shop on my busiest day of the week. It may also mean that we'll get called up because of the F1 thingy.

This may also mean that I should end this post before I irritate the shit outta you. I shall sign off now. Be good and be happy!

Noel Boyd (The Tattooed Blogger).

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