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Bourbon anyone?


BOSTON - A Massachusetts doctor has been fired and lost the right to renew his medical license for allegedly trying to give a pregnant woman an epidural while drunk.

The state Board of Registration in Medicine says 39-year-old Robert Dolan was drinking from a bottle of bourbon he brought to work when he was called to perform the procedure at Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center last November.

Dolan, an anesthesiologist, called another resident for help, who noticed he appeared drunk. The attending physician then called security. He was fired by the hospital a few days later.

Dolan's license to practice medicine lapsed in January and he will not be allowed to renew it unless he can stay sober for 18 months.

The board said Dolan accepted its version of events.


  1. This piece of news reminds me that we need to grab a drink soon.

    When are you free, randy daddy?

  2. Yeah baby yeah! We're going to East Coast Park on Wednesday to catch Energy. You up for it?

  3. This Wed is bad. How about next week?

    Where are they playing?

  4. Not sure about next week. I'm going with wifey and some friends to the old Big Splash. They're playing at this outdoor bar. Can't remember the name of the place though...Come la...

  5. 1TwentySix lah!!!

    how many times must i say it!!!

  6. Nah, not good timing.

    Will explain to you when we meet up. Lemme know when you are free to grab a few pints.


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