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Sep 3, 2008

Blast from the Past!

Ever wondered how you would look had you lived in the past? My buddy William insisted that I head to Well folks, here's Noel Boyd from the 60's!

Thank god I didn't meet my wife in the sixties...

If you think Drayden looks funny here, look below...

OMG! I'm gonna die laughing...


  1. omg Drayden is so Cute and adorable i wanna pinch him silly..if u and ann ever need a babysitter pls dun hesitate to call....

  2. The daddy is cute too right? Heeee...

    Do you have facebook, myspace, friendster babes?

  3. yes i hv facebook hv added u, pls accept my request....ehh wait Ann will whip you....

  4. Heh! Thanks. I love getting whipped!

    My dear lounge lizard, I've always had great hair! =)

  5. On a totally unrelated subject, do u read Xiaxue's blog? Her latest post is really inciting racial hatred towards malay pple, i wonder if i can report her... Similar to the one where the guy got jailed for saying someone stank in the train. Could you give it a read and tell me if you think so too?

  6. Hmm...I don't read her blog. I've visited her blog once. That was over a year ago. I reckon my visit lasted no more than five minutes. That says a lot huh?

    Just cos you asked, I headed over to her blog. She did mention malays but it's only in a sentence or two. But I guess she did imply some stuff.

    Did your friends read the post too?


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