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Bed of Roses

For five minutes today...I felt like a true champion! Well, the five minutes is up and I'm back to my normal funky self. Anyhow, this WWE replica belt is awesome! It's the closest I'll ever come to the real thang...

I watched WWE's Summerslam a few nights ago...I'll say this. It was the saddest PPV ever. I'll compare it Dreamgirls. Boring....Yawn!

Over the last fourteen days, I've received some very nice presents. Presents really do make you smile. It lifts you up and it makes everything seem alright. In all seriousness, everything is alright. In fact, everything is great. Let's look at the presents shall we?

The greatest band ever!

Did a few more airbrush tattoos which will eventually go into my folder. I like them because it's different from what I usually do...

Come on Singapore! Let's hear you roar!!!

Alright, I've got to my ass moving. Ya'll take care and god bless!


  1. The neck tattoo is nice! Long time no see!


  2. I've been so so busy at work, cos of the execution of events at the science centre! But now that all events are over (for the time being...), i'm more free...

    But still no full time job. :(

    Miss your baby!!! :D

  3. Oh ok...don't work too hard babe. When are you coming by Far East again? Dray is growing really fast. He's 5 months today!!


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