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Yesterday Part 1

In two days, Singapore turns 43! This little red dot on the map that I call home, has certainly come of age. We are now a vibrant city that is bursting with energy and it's a country that every Singaporean can be proud of. Well, most of us anyway.

In today's post and tomorrow, I'm bringing you on a special journey back to the days where Singapore didn't have cable television, we didn't have mobile phones and PSP's and we sure didn't have the kind of toys kids have these days.

These are some of the things I remember most about my childhood days in Singapore...
This was my very first game console. It totally rocked my world!

Anyone remember this game? My classmates could talk about this game for hours...

I'm not a fan of Pepsi but this was a common sight in Singapore years ago.

"By the power of Grayskull...I have the power!"

I used to take buses like these all over the island. These buses were bloody noisy!!

I know this sounds lame. I used to collect these erasers. I found them recently in the storeroom. Through the years, the erasers melted and it's now one big pile of rubber!


  1. ahhh, those were the good 'ol days. i used to collect those erasers too! haha! wonder where my collection went to..dammit.

  2. How nostalgic! haha.. the erasers! same here man... damn, those were the days. non aircon buses.... good old iceballs at the hawker centers & the game consoles.... we might haf aged abit, but the memories will neva fade :)

  3. i collect bottle caps! =)

    and "race" these caps with classmates. erasers too!

  4. to jona-tat.2: First things first, I miss you bro! Where the fuck have you been??! Aite, I'm gonna calm down...I love those erasers man. It was the coolest thing in town. At least to me...

    to dade: I totally agree. You know, I'll give anything to bring back those days. Just for that one day. Ahhhhh...the memories will always remain....

    to my baby: We used to play this game with bottle caps. And when you win a round, you win that bottle cap. Damn it! It was fun!! Now there's PSP and I feel fucking old!!!!

  5. haha! i always pop by your blog dude! it's one of my daily reads! i rem i used to own a Nintendo game console, not the Sega. but i can't rem what the hell was it called. but i will never forget Contra ha! and this other game called Battle Tank or something. wonderful memories. =)

  6. Heee...just checking! Contra was a pretty cool game back then. I still have the SEGA set in the store. I wonder if it works. Hmm...

  7. i had a SEGA too!
    but i didn't like contra, tho i played it alot with my cousins.

    i like SONIC the HEDGEHOG better!!! =)


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