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Trip to the Jurong Bird Park

Finally we dragged our asses to the Jurong Bird Park (JBP). I'm happy to say, unlike the Singapore Zoo, JBP sells beer throughout the park. Woooohooohoooo! Anyhow, Ann and I didn't hear the alarm this morning and we arrived an hour late! I reckon it's better to let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy the slideshow ya'll!

Trip to Singapore Bird Park
View Photo Slideshow

*you need Flash on your laptop or PC to view the slideshow*


  1. I LOVE THE LORIES!!! They are the most friendly birds in town. Knew we should have stolen one from the aviary. Damn it!!!!!!!!

  2. Ahh..the selfish starfish! ggrrrrr!

    And neighbour neighbour neighbour...that bag of yours...very becoming...

  3. begged me to let you carry it!

    you even asked me where i got it and if roxy might still have it!

    hahaaaaa... *runs and hides*


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