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Burger Mania!

I hope you're having a super duper Sunday! I just love Sundays. It's the end of the week and there's a whole new week to look forward to. If you ain't looking forward to Monday, it means you don't love your job! Think about it...It's true.

Anyhow, I woke up late today. I was suppose to wake up at 8am in order to get to Suntec City at 10. But, yours truly woke up at noon!! Ya know, this is the first time I've overslept in months. I guess I'm mentally worn out. Things have been going well and smooth the past month. But I still do worry about things. Nobody said being a father and husband was easy right? But you know what? I'm loving every minute of it! And that's all that matters...

Let's talk about food shall we? There's this blogger I mentioned not long ago. Her name is Diana Lim and she takes awesome food pictures. Reading her blog makes me hungry all the damn time! So go on, visit her blog @ and check out her very last post about this restaurant called Big Bosses.

More on wife is nuts about McDonald's McSpicy burger. She'll be one happy woman if I feed her that everyday. Thanks to her, she's got a bunch of other mummies on a local forum crazy about the McSpicy Burger too! The wonders of word-of-mouth marketing!! McDonald's should give her 50 cents commision for every burger she convinces the mummies to buy. Previously, she was crazy about the Ramli Burger (or Burger Ramli). Which Singaporean isn't right? I reckon the Ramli Burger is by far the best food product made in Malaysia. I had my first Ramli Burger in Klang, Malaysia a few years ago. I dunno what the fella added to the burger but it fucking rocked!!!

If you are ever in Mumbai, India, you gotta try the Bombay Burger. Forget the hygiene for a minute and get yourself the yummy made-in-India burger. The Bombay Burger is as simple as it gets. It's a fried potato patty in between a bun. But as the name suggests, it's the BOMB I tell ya! It's the yummiest thing ever!

I've got to run folks. Take good care and god bless to all!

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