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I read a friend's blog with much delight. There's this punk that I totally dislike that got his skinny little ass into trouble with the law. I remember an incident where this guy was almost beaten up by another friend of mine at The Balcony @ Heeren. But he didn't have the fucking balls to fight. Even when I hit on his then girlfriend, he didn't have the balls to say or do anything.

When I was working at Bar None, I had to swallow my pride and make peace with this clown. It's funny how life works out . He's gonna be somebody's bitch in prison. Life is sweet!

To view the post, click here.

(ps: I'm gonna talk to the author of this blog about what he said about Eurasians...)


  1. read the article. such racism. tsk tsk. stereotyping people like that. disgusting. whatever happened to racial harmony in our multi-racial country? oh well.

  2. my son is eurasian!!!
    how can he call a tiny innocent thing such bad things!!!
    *sob sob*

    eh why he so fierce ah.
    wait police catch him then he know. tsk tsk.

  3. noel, i am surprised you are friends with such racist people!...

  4. I have spoken to the author of the blog and he has apologized. I just hope it doesn't happen again.


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