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A Live Music Festival

The upcoming Singfest 08 gig looks pretty darn good. My favourite kittens, The Pussycat Dolls have just been added to day 2 . I dare say this, Singfest has a bigger market compared to Womad. If you love watching MTV and listening to Top 40's radio stations, you'll love what Singfest has to offer.

Gigs like Singfest are awesome for Singapore. It puts Singapore on the map when it comes to music festivals. I'll love to see Singapore do an outdoor gig the size of Party in the Park which started in 1998. Beyoncé Knowles, Bryan Adams, Wyclef Jean, Tom Jones, Lighthouse Family, Sir Elton John and Jamiroquai are some of the fine artists that have graced this event.

If you have plans to hold your own music festival in the near future, or if you are planning a convention of sorts, Singfest is a good example to follow. Here's the golden rule: Every gig you do, must be bigger and better than the one before. Only then will the general public pay top dollar to attend your event. It really doesn't get any simpler.

As ambitious as we all want to be, it's impossible to get the big names to be part of your first event. Ok, it may be possible if you have lots of money to spend. I'm talking TONS here. But if you don't have a tree that grows money like some people, you can start small. All you have to do on your end is to ensure that the event grows by the year. If you can achieve that, the big names will come knocking on your door in no time. And that my friends is a guarantee.

I remember advising a certain individual about a reggae event a few years ago. I told him to start small and let it build and grow by itself. What did he do? He staged the biggest reggae event possible and fell flat on his face. I'm not an expert on music nor am I a concert organizer. But I do have common sense. We all do. Some people just don't use it...

Alright, let's get back to Singfest. Here are the artists that are confirmed for the 2nd and 3rd of August.

Lost Prophets
New Found Glory
Simple Plan
Crowned King
Melenie Subono

Alicia Keys
Panic at the Disco
Jason Mraz
One Republic
Stacie Orrico
Jamie Scott
Rick Astley
The Pussycat Dolls

* 12pm to 11pm for both days (that's 11 hours of live music per day!!).

To purchase your tickets, head on to or visit the official Singfest website!


  1. awesome! i might be in singapore for work at da end of da month. thks for da info bud!

  2. That's awesome Jared! It's an event you don't wanna miss if you're in the Lion City. And yea, thanks for dropping the blog!


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