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Chest pains are f@#ked up!!

I skipped work today to rest at home. I've been having chest pains for about a week now. Yesterday, it got worse when I woke up. I've got no idea what's wrong but I hope it goes away soon. It hurts when I yawn, sneeze and when I try to get out of bed. Feeling breathless all day sucks too. It makes smoking a bitch!!! I'll probably skip work till the pain goes away...

Let's talk a little about what is happening over the causeway. Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was arrested outside his house on Wednesday. Why arrest the poor man when he reported to the media that he will in-fact show up at the police station to face questioning. It's idiotic if you ask me!

Personally, I think Anwar can be a Prime Minister that all Malaysians can be proud of. Let's hope that this nonsensical investigation is thrown out the window soon enough...

Alright, I need to end this post. I'll try to post again later today. Ciaoz and god bless!


  1. maybe you have heartburn?

    I got it after eating too much last time!


  2. Errr...heartburn doesn't last a week right? The doctor says I've got muscle spasm. Likely cos I'm about to get the flu. I hate having the flu! Grrr...


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