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Tattooed and Singaporean!

Today was a pretty boring day at the tattoo shop. For me that is. Which was good in a way. I finally found time to brainstorm and think about this blog. I also had time to think about what's going on here in Singapore. My conclusion? The tattoo community here needs a voice. Here's why...

For some dumb reason, Singaporeans have been writing and complaining to the press that there are too many tattoo shows on television. Seriously, why is that even a problem?! Are these shows influencing young Singaporeans to get tattooed? Are tattoos becoming a problem in our society? I think not. These shows are merely educating the general public about tattoos.

I personally know of some people that used to think that tattoos were only available in dark green. To these people, tattoos were linked to our local secret society gangs. But thanks to shows like Miami Ink, LA Ink and Tattoo Wars, these people now see tattoos differently. Tattoos are now looked as an art in Singapore.

To the people that have accused the above mentioned TV shows of influencing our youths, it's bloody time you grow up. It's always someone else's fault. When your son or daughter comes home with a tattoo which you disapprove of, it's your fault! It isn't the tattoo artist fault. Nor is it Discovery's fault. Why didn't your child consult you prior to his or her tattoo session? That's a question only you can answer.

I have a son myself. Am I gonna tell Drayden or my nephews not to get a tattoo? Hell no! What I will do is to tell them to wait till they are 18 years of age. I will advice them on the negative effects a tattoo can have on their self image, careers, etc... I've always believed that it's all about educating our youths. Saying 'no' and 'don't' to everything is complete bullshit.

But if these people want shows like LA Ink off the air, I have a better suggestion. Let's ban all music videos that contain artists with tattoos. Let's also get Prison Break off the air. I hope you get where I'm going.

The thing that pisses me off the most is this tattoo show that I was supposed to do last year, is back on the table. It means so much that I can even begin to describe how much it means to me. Only my immediate family knows how much I need this to happen. The last I heard this evening, the producers are still negotiating with a local network. But at the rate things are going, I'm all ready for that dreaded phone where I'll hear "Sorry Noel, we tried our best...".

So the next time someone writes to the press, I am gonna speak up for our tattoo community. It's about bloody time someone does right?


  1. kudos to this post!

    its vey true what u have to say.

    the society in singapore is just as such. i cant stand how some of the people here are just so close minded.

    sometimes u just feel the need to give them a hard slap to wake them up!

    i think on the overall, the people here are afraid of the change. but what they must remember is that, our world today is forever changing and therefore, we should learn to accept it. we cant forever live in a black and white world where the world was simple.

  2. well said indeed bro, singaporeans just need to open their minds and stop being so stereotypical and narrow-minded. it can really get on my nerves at times.

    being overseas now, i can see a huge difference in the way people view inkwork. and it really put singaporeans to shame. it's just so sad, we're suppose to be this uber-modern society, yet we're weighed down by our conservative ways and tunnel-vision thinking.

    it's crap if ya ask me. oh well, but that's still Home to all of us ay?

  3. i personally kinda hate it when parents blame everyone else but themselves when their kid goes "bad". they should learn to take responsibility of educating their kids, and not blaming the media, or the school or whatever.

    Agreed with you, that saying "no" and "don't" to everything is crap... Kids should be taught, and they eventually learn to make decisions themselves. :)


  4. Hey guys...thank you so much for backing me up. That post was written with lots of angst. I guess ya'll can understand why.

    People need to accept change. Change is always a good thing. If we are not accepting of change, we may as well go back to our caves.

    Our Prime Minister Lee, once said on national television that youngers should be free to express themselves. If they want to dye their hair green, go right ahead.

    Well folks, tattoos are a form of expression too!


    Tattoos don't kill. Nor do they steal. Being tattooed doesn't mean a person is evil, neither does NOT being tattooed mean a person is holy.

    tattoos are just an art, a form of expression. A memory, a moment, etched on someone. Yes, some can be unsightly, some can be intimidating, but open your eyes and look beyond.

    Tattoos don't make an individual, they don't define one's character. Beliefs, yes. But we are entitled to our own, aren't we?

    Tattoos don't suddenly turn a person evil, tattoos don't immediately make a person bad. It is a reflection of what we believe in, what we value, what we hold high. And if you look at it this way, it is the same as your shopping purchases, the car that you drive, the pen that you write with, the watch that you wear. A reflection...a statement. Of your beliefs and values.


    I am inked, has it changed me into a bad person overnight? will it make me a lousy mom to my son? FUCK, i reckon i am better educated, better mannered and better behaved than all of you UN-TATTOOED, backward, prudish PRICKS put together!!

    phew. ok breathe ann, breathe.
    I STILL HAVE LOTS TO SAY!!! but ne'mind. i shuddup now.

  6. i agree wif u,noel. as asians, we r juz a conversative bunch,BUT a new generation is here & there will still always b some pple who do not accept tattoos.

    of cos,i personally thnk its fucked up.i cant wait 2 get my hanya tat end of the me a rebel or wadever... i juz dun wanna "conform 2 the norm" like most pple do... its juz a too boring life :)

  7. to my wife: That's why I married you! Life would have been a bitch if I married someone that didn't love tattoos!

    I totally agree with the 3rd paragraph. Muaks sweetheart!!

    to dade: It's really funny how I often hear Singaporeans say "we aren't conservative. we are a modern city". Apparently, they do choose what to be conservative about.

    I like this new generation. We really do have something good going here.

    To those that are against tattoos, I hope that this blog will one day change their perception.

    Hanya tatt huh? Sounds awesome! Have you chosen the design yet?

  8. Dude, take it easy on the TV show. I'm sure it will take place. I need more bragging material when I drink with ppl: "Yeah, that tattooed moron on TV. Yeah, my good friend!"

    If not, you wanna consider the producers behind 'Chick vs. Dick'? Going online via Internet TV is close to your own branding mah.

    Think abt that.

  9. and if i may add, if they're so worried abt "bad influences" on their precious kids, then take off all the sexual and intimate scenes of your bloody drama serials and local TV. aren't your kids emulating these actions portrayed by local actors and actresses a bad influence as well????

    and spend more time on your stoopid no smoking campaigns then! smoking is another bad influence right? hell, its even worse cos it kills!!! unlike tattoos, you stupid idiots?

    i can go on and on about all the other bad influences you hypocritical lot are turning a blind eye to, and just picking on tattoos instead!

    you're right, sweetheart, these bigots DO choose what they want to be conservative about!

    i say, stop worrying about tattoos being a bad influence and start paying more attention to your precious children LOSING THEIR BLOODY VIRGINITY BEFORE THEY FINISH SECONDARY SCHOOL!!!!


  10. to Lounge Lizard: Basket! I'm a tattooed moron huh? You are a cicak!!!

    In all seriousness, I have been thinking of bringing this show online. I reckon that's my best bet if I get bad news in the coming days.

    By the way, what's Chick vs Dick? Sounds kinky. I LIKE!!

    to my wife: Smoking kills? Damn!!! What about beer then?

  11. It's basically a show where they do videos of "Battle Of The Sexes" week after week. No censorship on the language, etc.

    Dick = Paul Twohill (fucken whatever...)
    Chick = Nubile young thing from that suitcase gameshow they had on Ch. 5 last year.

  12. Ahhh...It all sounded good till you mention Paul Twohill and the Deal or No Deal girl...

    I'll go check it out anyway. Thanks darling!

  13. yeah noel!we're by your side all the way!

  14. You should.

    It's one of those websites which are content-driven. Being in Singapore, content is scarce unless they wanna feature food all over again.

    Viva la Channel 8 and Channel U.

  15. I'm sure you'd be able to offer them something interesting. Hopefully, scaleable in the long run.

  16. Sounds awesome. Thank for info brudder! I'm still waiting to hear news from MIO Tv.

    I'm keeping my toes and fingers crossed man. Make sure you cross yours too!!

  17. Hahaha my dad asked me to find him a nice tattoo, he wants to make one on his arm lol.

    Hi Noel, do you have a post or album that showing your tatts?? I like your legs part, and I think I'm gonna have tatts on my leg as well.

  18. Hey Zs! I have a good number of pictures on my Facebook account. Have you checked out my Facebook yet? The link to my profile is in my right sidebar...

  19. Yea, I'm checking now, thanks for approving me!

    Ohyea 1 more thing, roughly how much does it cost to get a samoan tatt on the leg, I'm looking forward to have a leg sleeve.

  20. You're most welcome ZheSen! Hmm, I'm not too sure. If you go to a good artist which I hope you do, be prepared to pay between SGD$2000 to SGD$3000.

    The good thing is most artist here don't mind if you break-up the payment. Meaning, if your tattoo takes 6 sessions to complete, you'll pay $500 each time you get inked.

    There's an artist from Australia that has a shop at Far East Plaza. He will be back in Singapore at the end of the month and he does tattoos the old traditional way. It's similar to the Samoan style of tattooing. Check out his gallery at the link below...


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