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Shocks and more shocks!

Did you watch the finale of C.S.I yesterday? Man, what an ending!! C.S.I Warrick was shot by a fellow cop, not once but twice. Well here's the story. Gary Dourdan who plays Warrick in C.S.I, chose not to sign for season 9. Yes, that's how long C.S.I has been on television.

Because he chose not to sign for the new season, the producers at CBS decided to brutally end his character. I'm sure they could have chosen a better ending. Then again, the producers might just do a twist and offer Gary more money to return midway through season 9.

I've been getting static shocks the past week. I got it on the bus, in a lift and by touching a doorknob. It seriously ain't funny. Every time it happens, I expect to be electrocuted to death! It's equally embarrassing to get a shock in public. Let's just hope this static thing ends soon. I pray to god that I won't ever get a static shock when I play with myself. Oh wait, that might be fun. Heh!

That's about it for this post. Have a good Friday and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Yeah that episode of CSI was a real shocker. However, I think there was something fishy about that leuitenant a long time ago. I wonder if Sara will ever come back. This is my very first blog subscribtion. I look forward to it.

  2. Yeah that episode of CSI was a real shocker. However, I think there was something fishy about that leuitenant a long time ago. I wonder if Sara will ever come back.

    You know, this is my very first blog subscription. I look forward to it.

  3. Wassup Karen! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Sara is scheduled to make an appearance in Season 9. But, they are bringing back Louise Lombard, the lady that plays Detective Sofia Curtis.

    Hmm...what do you mean by blog subscription?

  4. Wait wait wait...did I hear you say BUS???

    My neighbour, who used to REFUSE to take a bus to even thomson plaza, now takes the bus?!

  5. Haha... maybe u've been dragging your feet that's why you emit electric shocks...

    You know swa-ku me never saw CSI before... ermm i also haven't watched Miami ink before. :(


  6. yes fel! he takes the bus now!

    i have made a public commuter out of him! next will be the train! :)

  7. to missbitchalot: Yep! I only take the cab when I'm drunk now. That's once or twice a week. Other than that, I take bus 167 to work. Aren't you proud of me neighbour?!

    to munster: I've got a question. Do you have a tv in the first place? If the answer is yes, throw it out the window! Grrr...

    to my wife: Screw the fucking train! There's way too many people on the train. Plus, the bus goes everywhere. You know...I've always wondered if anyone has had a quickie on the train. Hmm...

  8. I wonder if they ended the character the way they did because of the fact that the actor was recently arrested on drugs charges...

  9. Yea, my wife told me about the drug charges. CSI Miami had an episode a long time ago where Speedle was killed during a police shoot-out. Rory who played Speedle, also chose to leave the show.

    Doctor Alexx (Khandi Alexander) will leave at the end of season 6. Unfortunately, she didn't get killed by a corpse! That would have made good TV.

  10. to my husband: well, cum, i mean COME on the train and you'll have your answer. pffft.

  11. Hmmm, I'll let you know when that day happens!


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