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Random Rambles

Welcome to my first Random Rambles (R & R) post. Well, R & R is basically a place for me to pen my thoughts. Everyday without fail, I store notes in my Nokia E61i. Some of these notes make it to a full length post. But a good number of them don't make it to a full length post. With that said, let's get started...

M1 Broadband: What's up with M1?! Their broadband service is as retarded as a pimple on someone's ass! The flash introduction on says "Meet the future of Broadband". If this is the future of broadband, I say we should bury this damn thing right now! Their broadband is slow and images are blurred for some strange reason. UNFORTUNATELY, I signed up for the M1 Broadband (for my mom's laptop) a few months ago. Crap!!

Suzanne and Haikel on 91.3FM: I personally think it's fantastic that Haikel is back on air. 91.3 is an awesome station and they can only get better. No offense to Joe Augustine, he isn't as entertaining without F.D. Anyhow, this new morning duo are gonna shake things up! Shake and bake ya'll!!

Burger Buddy: Any of you remember Burger King's Burger Buddy? It used to be two small burgers stuck together. I tried searching online for a picture but there isn't any. I miss the damn burger man! Burger King, it's bloody time you bring them back!!!

Well, that's my R&R for today. I'm gonna watch FRIENDS for a bit and stone after. Later folks!


  1. hey noel,nice new tattoo.sure looks class man!

  2. Thanks darling! Why didn't you come by the shop yesterday? All I got was a wave and you were gone :(

  3. HAHAHAH YOU DIDN'T SAY HI BACK AND I WAS SO UPSET I DECIDED TO NOT GO IN.hahah k,i'll be heading down sometime soon within 4 days,when you're working.

  4. Eh? I was on the phone and I did wave. Not a big wave but a small one. But you didn't come to the shop. Grrr....I'm off on Monday and Tuesday k.

  5. hahah,I DIDN'T SEE!!well,but i could see you were on the phone,hahah okay nevermind,seeya soooonzxzxzxz

  6. saw in berlin that they had this burger buddies meal thing (which I had) that consisted of 6 buns, containing 3 pairs of burgers, each a different type of buger (i.e. cheeseburger, turkey bacon & one other type,which I cant quite recall as I am typing this).not bad. brought back lotsa memories. wonder if they will ever introduce it here...

  7. to huig: Heee...No worries. Will see ya very soon!

    to lion: They did? Did you take a picture?? Damn...that sounds yummy!!! I'm drooling already...


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