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An odd request...

Now and then, I get the odd request to make a custom stencil for my airbrush tattoo business. Today, this guy came in and asked if I could do a Pacman airbrush tatt. I initially thought he was kidding and went on to airbrush his friends. After I was done with these two cute chicks, he reminded me about Pacman.

It isn't my best work but it sure was fun. Well folks, say hello to PACMAN!


  1. it's cute... haha...

    i wondered, you never thought of picking up learning how to tattoo ppl?


  2. Hmm...I have. In fact, I almost bought my own tattoo set a few years ago.

    The thing is, tattooing is a huge responsibility. All tattoo artists start from scratch right? Your first tattoo will never be perfect.

    With that said, I'll never be able to live with myself if I screw up someone's tattoo. I guess I'm too much of a perfectionist. Heh!

    Hope that answered your question =)


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