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Nominate my blog!

The Ping.Sg Blog Awards is back! Nominations are only open for a week. It started today and will end on the 16th of June. There are 12 categories to choose from.

1. Most Entertaining Blog
2. Most Interactive Blog
3. Most Insightful Blog
4. Best Photoblog
5. Best Audio/Video Podcast
6. Most Controversial Post
7. Most Dramatic Post
8. Most Entertaining Post
9. Most Insightful Post
10. Best Citizen Journalism Post
11. Best Review Post
12. Best Photo Post

If you love reading my blog and you think I deserve a nomination, click here to nominate A Tattooed Blog by Noel Boyd. I really need all the support I can get. Thank you and big hugs!


  1. you must say which one you want to be nominated for... so that people will concentrate their votes!

    -That queer one. (don't want to sign in!)

  2. Nah...I'm fine with anything. I rather let the readers decide what they like about this blog.

    Hmm...have you voted?


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