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Navel Ring

By Stephanie Nolasco

I slowly walked
Upon the shop
While my heart
Thumped like a drum.
The colorful man
Opened the door
And stared upon
At my widen curious eyes.
His dragon hands opened
And I quickly handed
The dirty money.
He pushed me in
To his ivory clinic
And grunted,
"yo, wut ya want?"
I pointed my belly
Round and plump
And said,
"I want a ring here."
I laid on the smoky
Cow smelled couch
While my fingers
Trembled with insanity.
I closed my eyes
And smiled to myself
And whispered,
"This ain't so bad."
That smiled was gone
Replaced with a scream
That roared
Like a surprised attacked beast.
Droplets of blood
Drizzled from my womb.
Creamy yellow puss
Slowly jammed out
And there was my ring
Reflecting my smile.


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