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Meet The Readers

June seems to be 'Meet my Readers' month. I have met a good number of them at Far East Plaza, Thomson Plaza and even on the bus. Imagine that! Some of them have been leaving comments on this blog for some time. It's nice to finally put a face to these folks.

I am humbled every time someone mentions that they read my blog. It gives me the motivation to come up with new posts and columns. I really do want this blog to go places. This blog represents everything I believe in, my dreams and my aspirations.

If you are reading this blog for the first time, welcome to A Tattooed Blog by Noel Boyd. I hope to see you around real soon!


  1. Hello! happy father's day to u! :) Well, i'm attempting to revive my blog. It was nice meeting you. And erm, nice meeting u too.

    -The lazy one. :D

  2. Thanks anonymous! Yep, was nice meeting you too!

    (ps: Quit being lazy and get your blog rolling!!!!)

  3. I did update... But it's kinda bimbotic. So ermmm, i warn you in advance that your IQ may drop if you read too much of what i write.

    -TLO (lazy one)


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