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I'm in today's Lianhe Wanbao!

- click on the article to enlarge -

Woohoohoo! I'm in today's Lianhe Wanbao newspaper (one of Singapore's Chinese newspapers). I just need someone to translate this to English.

(ps: My thanks to Song Huichun from Wanbao for coming down to the shop and interviewing me).


  1. i'd attempt to help you with that but then my mandarin sucks so bad.

  2.'s alright sweetz! It's the thought that counts!

  3. woah, somebody's gonna be Famous soon ay? ha!

  4. it about temporary tattoo, those air brush is saying that teens are getting into this as they are cheap and painless.

  5. to jona-tat.2 & alyson: you guys are making me blush! dammit!!!

    to anonymous: thanks mate!

  6. Bring da article to me and I'll do the job. Line-by-line, beer after beer.

    I love the direct translation of your name.

  7. Haha...What's the direct translation of my name?!


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