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Huff and Puff...

I miss smoking in a pub! I'm one of those drunks that thinks that cigarettes and beer are best friends. Seriously, they go hand in hand. I can't enjoy a beer without a good old cigarette.

Some of you might be saying, "Why don't you just quit smoking??". As much as I love beer, I love my cigarettes. There is nothing better than a cigarette when you wake up. Or after a good meal. Smokers would know what I mean. It's that feeling of total satisfaction! Sometimes, it is better than sex! Oh hell yeah!!

Alrighty...I'm off to have a smoke! It's Friday the 13th in a short bit. Keep safe everyone!


  1. Ah loon's birthday celebration is on friday 13th ah...

    -the lazy one. :)

  2. Yep yep..I texted him earlier.
    Hmm...who is this? I know a lot of lazy people...

  3. Er... the one who was supposed to email you but didn't!

    haha, if you still don't know who, then i'll email u... ^__^

  4. totally agreed with the post. smokes and beer. cannot be separated.

    first thing in the morning, before i leave for school, after a good filling meal, after sex, before bedtime....

    anytime is a good time for a smoke. ha! they should lift the smoking ban in SG. irritating. no smoking ban in NZ! \m/

  5. to anonymous: Oh!! How's the tattoo babes? Remember not to scratch and apply your cream!!!

    to jona-tat.2: Heh heh...I knew you would man. We think alike! NZ seems like the place to be. I'll love to hangout with the Maoris!


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