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No No No! We ain't talking about High Definition here. That's boring shit. We're talking HOT DOGS baby!! Being suaku Singaporeans that we are, we took a drive from Thomson to Tampines just to buy hot dogs from the biggest god damn IKEA in Singapore. The best part, they only cost a dollar each. And yeah, I ate all three of them!


  1. I never tried them before! Always stuffing my face with their meatballs instead...

    Haha... Oh i had an interesting day at work. I'll blog about it soon! haha, then i was reading your entry, and suddenly i realised i appeared in the newspaper before too... :D I'll have to go dig and see if i got the article still then take photo of it!


  2. You outta babe! It's seriously good shit. I'm coming to the Science Centre soon. Probably bring my folks too.

    Looking forward to the picture babe. =)

  3. Hehehe thank you neighbour!
    I've uploaded em pix on facebook..can check it out if you want!

  4. you need more tickets, tell me ok? cos the spare tickets are just sitting with me, and will get wasted if they expire... :)

    Call me if you dropping by!

  5. to missbitchalot: Aite...I'll go check =)

    to munster: Heh heh...Are you sure? I'll bring the whole damn village. Hmm...I'll get your number from David.

  6. now the whole world knows what a greedy pig you are.

    and you only bought ONE for me!!!


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