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Dissin' da Dissident

I'm sure most of you would have read about the fella who sent an email containing statements which amount to insulting a public servant. The public servant he targeted was Justice Belinda Ang. Justice Belinda is the judge overseeing the defamation case between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

I tried leaving a comment on Gopalan Pallichadath Nair's blog. Unfortunately, his blog doesn't have a comment function. Weird ain't it? For someone who has so much to say about how Singapore is run, he sure isn't acceptive to comments and opinions.

Anyhow, I did find a blog called Singapore Dissident that has the exact post that Nair posted on his blog. Click here to view the post.

This was the comment I left on the blog...
I totally disagree with everything that is mentioned in this post. I for one am happy with everything the PAP has done for this country. Singapore is THE place I want my son to grow up in. Kudos to MM Lee, PM Lee and the PAP for doing a fantastic job all these years. And yes, I am a born and bred Singaporean.
So yeah, I am the type of person that stands up for what I believe in. I don't know how many people read that post on Singapore Dissident. Judging that the post was in the Top 10 list on, I would say a good number of Singaporeans. Yet, nobody bothered to stand up for the very people we voted for.

Anyway, I'm not here to judge my fellow Singaporeans. Everyone thinks differently after all. The important thing is that Nair has been arrested. I hope he gets a lenghty stay behind bars and barred from entering our country. After all, he gave up his rights to be called a Singaporean!


  1. wow. did ya see what some ass replied ya on that blog? personal attacks isn't gonna do anyone any good ay?

    oh well. i can foresee you coming up with a heated response ay? ha!

  2. Yea I did. No worries, it's all good and I haven't lost my head. Yet!


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