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Crab Wars!

Being the gundu that I am, I forgot to bring my digital camera to Sembawang Park. But I did take some pictures using my mobile phone.

Well, I'd like to proudly announce that I won the first ever Crab Wars challenge!! The rules were simple. Vik and I each had our own pail and two crab nets each. The person with the most crabs at the end of the day (regardless of size), wins the challenge!

So after 20 cans of beers and a full pack of Marlboro's, I caught one tiny freaking crab and Vik caught nothing. Yesterday was a horrible day to go crabbing man. We'll probably go somewhere else next time. But for now, I am the winner of yesterday's challenge and I will claim my 3-rounds of beer at the pub soon!

I've got to shower and head to the shop. The folks from Dunman High School are dropping by the shop to interview yours truly for a project. It's gonna be a fun day! Hope you are having fun too! Ciaoz!


  1. I'm sure you know smoking is bad for you. Smoking when you have a child, even if you smoke outside/ away from your kid, means he has a much higher risk of getting asthma. FYI

  2. you are getting famous...

    i might drop by the shop again tmrw, if i'm baking.

    you know there's some tattoo facebook gathering tmrw evening. are you going? haha i'm shy and scared, so i haven't decided yet. ^__^

  3. to anonymous: I do know that. But, I ain't gonna quit. My dad smokes, my brother smokes, a few of my friends smoke, their kids turned out fine. End of story...

    to munster: No i'm not! Come by la. Hmm...nobody told me about no fucking tattoo gathering. Grrr...But no la, got things to do tomorrow night. When are you having a beer with me again?

  4. i knew the last crabbing soiree was a fluke!!! hahahaha...

  5. Hmm, reading your wife's blog I thought you might care. Oh well.

  6. hi anonymous. :)

    noel is actually doing his best to cut down on his smoking and hopefully be able to give them up entirely. :)

    he knows how harmful it is to smoke ard drayden.

    thanks for your care and concern ya. :D

  7. Hi Shyanne! It was fun though. But it's time to give crabbing a rest...


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