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What's TOPSPOTS you may ask. Well, it's a widget of course. But more importantly, it's a simple way to tip me the blogger. It's the same when you go to a restaurant. When you like the food and service, you'll leave a tip right? Well, the same applies to blogging. If you like what you read, go on and leave a tip.

Here are 4 reasons why you should leave a tip!

1) It'll brighten my day! I'll be grinning like a dick for at least 24 hours.... You do want me to be happy right? Right? Right???

2) This blog does cost money to maintain. I've got to pay for hosting, electricity to charge my laptop, internet bills, etc...

3) If I am one day arrested for something I've said on my blog, all the money collected from this tip jar will be used as bail. Imagine if I didn't have enough for bail?! That would be real shitty wouldn't it?!

4) On a serious note, it does take a lot of effort to blog regularly. It's nice to be rewarded once in a while...

Here are my blog's statistics from 2006 to January 8th 2009...
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So leave a tip to say "Keep up the good work", "I like your blog" or "I'm buying you a beer". You can even promote your website and business if you like. Remember to have fun and keep smiling!

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