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Winner takes all

I heard on the news today that a 24 year old man was arrested in Singapore for some racist stuff he said on his blog. People need to learn that while blogging is fun, it can be an extremely dangerous tool. We bloggers are responsible for everything we write and post on our blogs. The least trivial matter to us may hurt someone else.

So yeah, never EVER put down someone's race or religion. Singapore is a beautiful country. It's a country where many races live together in peace and harmony. And hey, we love our food too!

I'm crossing my fingers and toes that David Cook will win American Idol. I personally think that Cook is the best contestant that Idol has ever had. This guy is the bomb man! He is innovative and he delivers each and every week. But you know, David Cook will succeed as a performer even if he doesn't win tomorrow. That's how good he is...

The big match starts in an hour and a half. Who will be crowned the king of European club football? Will Man United get their double or will Chelsea finally get their hands on the Champions League trophy? Ann is rooting for her favourite club Chelsea while I'm eagerly awaiting a fantastic match. Though I'm a Liverpool supporter, I'm an avid fan of Ronaldo. This kid is something special. I'm banking on Ronaldo scoring a goal in this match. Let's wait and see...


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