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Should maids get a day off?

Seriously, is there even a reason to ask this question? Apparently, it's a question that needs to be asked in Singapore. Here is a snippet from
THREE civil society groups have joined hands to campaign for foreign domestic workers here to be given a regular day off.

The National Committee for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (Unifem) Singapore, Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) and the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home) on Tuesday launched a year-long publicity campaign, calling on employers to give their maids at least one day off a month.

Their efforts centre around a campaign website which, when launched on May Day, will give advice on how employers can give their maids time off and a list of social activities that such workers can take up on their rest day.

I seriously feel for the maids. They work their asses off everyday day just to feed their families back home. I don't know if I should say this but I will. At least they didn't choose the other road by becoming a hooker! There are tons of hookers from Indonesia and Philippines (among other S.E Asia countries) in Singapore. Visit joints like Brix, B:one and Insomnia and you'll see what I mean.

On days when I wake up super early, I see the maids in my neighbourhood washing their damn employer's car! What's up with that?! As though cleaning the house, cooking for the family, taking care of the pets/children/elderly in the house isn't enough!

Rod Monteiro and The Married Men invited listeners to call in and give their thoughts. This woman called in and they kept her on air for quite a bit. She was totally against the idea of maids having the day off. Her reason? Maids are having sex with Bangladeshi workers!! You know what? Let's do the same thing to our teenagers! They are having sex too right?

For crying out loud man...that's the stupidest reason for not giving someone an off day. So what if a maid wants to have sex. Don't you?? It just doesn't make sense. All of a sudden, sex is wrong. Sex is taboo. Give me a f#@king break!

What will you do if your employer didn't give you an off day? Would you keep quiet and carry on your work? I sure as hell wouldn't!

I applaud all the maids in Singapore. You deserve better and I hope more is done for you soon!


  1. Dude, drop me a SMS. Just changed my phone and I've not updated all my contacts. Got something to ask you.

  2. what what what? tell me leh!! i kepo can or not???? hee.

  3. yeah they have sex with banglas
    and when they get pregnant
    who gets into trouble? the maid??
    no its the employers who get fined...

  4. Well, steps should be taken to educate the maids about the use of condoms etc...Not giving them an off day is not the solution.

    When a teen gets pregnant or worse still, gets a STD, grounding them doesn't solve the problem. The same applies to the maids that work here in Singapore and all over the world.

    You might as well say that construction workers should not be given an off day too. After all, they are the ones getting the maids pregnant right????

  5. easier said than done.
    u make it sound so easy
    but the reality is that
    if they were so smart they wouldnt be maids.
    when a teen gets pregnant their parents dont get fined. uve taken it out of context.
    when the construction workers get maids pregnant their employers dont get fined too.
    how would u feel if ur maid still got pregnant even after u educated her and got u fined a large sum of money.

  6. What about the pregnant maids that get tattoos.

  7. Hmm...I think pregnancy and tattoos are a No No. The pain the mother goes through during a tattoo session can add stress to both the mother and baby and might induce labour.


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