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The Phoenix Tattoo

By Robyn Guillory

drag the droning needle
under my flesh and across my bones
lay out the colors

orange for my jealousy
of the pixeled, bleeping screen
that mesmerized you

red for my fury
bottled in my art and in my dreams
and hidden behind a wife's sweet smile

green and blue
for my trials by night
the tortured thin air of loneliness and tears

hidden, all hidden from you!

and many, many shades between
bring them out to mark the journey
the path of coals that I have run.
carve the long lines dark and deep
and do not falter if I flinch
for Pain and I are old established friends

draw out the wings and etch the flames
and bring me freedom from this sordid hole
dank and dark and smothering ring of bondage

for I am not what you would have me be
a china doll in a cubby hole---I refuse
I fly above and away and am reborn.


  1. where the hell ya get all these poems/quotes dude?!

    nicely done!

  2. I can't tell you! If I do, you'll lose interest in this blog. We don't want that do we?! Heh!


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