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Ink and holes

By Shelly Carlos

Piercings and ink are a form of expression.
Some do it for art some for aggression.
The feeling of the needle pressure on my skin,
to describe how it feels I cant even begin.
The piercings you get when your guy makes you mad
never regret, they look good so be glad!
Whether you do it for fun or just for the art.
It shows who you are and that's different by far.
Be original with you body and do what you like
get that ink the loop or even a spike.
What ever you get do it for you
not because someone else wanted you to.



  1. First time on your Blog. Well put together and excellent articles. I'll be checking in to keep up on your posts.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Am looking through your website. It's pretty neat. I'll pass on your URL to some of the tattoo artists in Singapore.

    Do swing by my blog when you can. Thanks mate!


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