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May 8, 2008

How you can help...

The magnitude of the cyclone that hit Myanmar is beyond imagination. Latest reports from Myanmar states that an estimated 80,000 are dead from a single district (Labutta). That's just one district from a country that is 40th largest in the world. To give you a rough idea, Myanmar is bigger than France, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

We have at the very least, a million people that have been left homeless. Thousands are missing and accounted for. In the midst of the uncertainty, aid agencies and organizations have come forward to make a difference. You too can make a difference by making a donation to these organizations.

Red Cross Red Crescent - Make a donation by credit card of cheque. Click on the logo to head to their website.

World Vision Singapore - You can donate by credit card, cheque, DBS Internet Banking, Standard Chartered bank Internet Banking, ATM Funds Transfer, etc...For more information, click on World Vision's logo above.

If everyone donates a dollar, we can really get things going. As Linkin Park would say in one of their songs, Now what the hell are you waitin for?!

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