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22,000 Dead

Reading about the situation in Myanmar yesterday on broke my heart. What's going on there is seriously messed up. Nah, it's fucked up! That's the only way to describe the government/junta. A bunch of fucked up bastards! 22,000 dead because of a cyclone?! Naturally, you'll ask yourself. What are they doing for their people?

Latest news reports say that an estimated 41,000 people are missing. Instead of readily accepting all the help they can get, the military regime is "negotiating" with aid workers. George W. Bush among many other leaders want to help them. I'll rephrase this. They need to help Myanmar because the world knows that the junta isn't gonna do anything for their people. Remember what they did to the monks the last time around? reported that the dead are being thrown into rivers. Homes have been destroyed and they are running out of food. Without medical supplies, the sick and injured can't get the help they need.

The people of Myanmar are fighting against time. Hundreds of thousands of are in need of aid. All we can do now is hope and pray that help will be accepted soon...


  1. i was reading the news about the tragedy and it just sent shivers down my spine. my heart really goes out to them :(

  2. just heard frm the folks back home abt this tragedy. my heart goes out to every single one of them hope help will be allowed thru to those that really needs it.

    prayers go out to anyone in SG that may have family back home in Myanmar.

  3. I saw just on the cover of business times that the death toll may well hit 100,000?

    That's fucked up man! I have friends in Myanmar and there's no way to find out if they're ok. That's even more fucked up.

  4. Hey guys, I wanted to reply to the comments above earlier today but I didn't know what to say. I still don't know what to say. It's all like a bad fucking dream. The innocent always end up suffering.

    Fel, I hope and pray your friends are safe. Hang in there and pray too k.


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