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I got new ink to show off today! It should take a month to complete this tattoo. Vik, the artist behind this tattoo, did the outline work for half my leg. There's a spider, flowers and a ladybug. Next Thursday, it's the outlining of the green tree frogs, dragonflies and more greenery.

Here are the pictures from today's tattoo session! Sorry the pics are a little whack. My camera is screwed!!


  1. I love the cat tattoo you have thea. But the way ur saying how the next tatt is going to be, I just know it's gonna be awesome! Can't wait to see the final outcome!!

  2. The rate u are gg, you are gg to run outta space to tatt in a few years...

  3. to cheryldee: Thanks sweetz! I can't wait too!!! But there's only so much I can take in one day. Oh well, sometimes SLOW is a good thing.

    to lounge lizard: That's the point ain't it??? I never tattoo this pretty face though...


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