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It's Earth Day Tomorrow

It's Earth Day tomorrow folks!! Let's all do something small for a start. There are lots you and I can do to make this world a better place. Not just for us, but for our children. For my child! Yup, Papa Boyd wants you to do something for his little prince. I want Drayden to grow up and admire Orang Utans in the wild. Not in a freaking zoo because their natural habitat was destroyed by a bunch of ignorant idiotic farmers! And I don't want my son to read how we idiots drove the Polar Bear to extinction. Sadly, all this and more will happen if we HUMANS don't do something soon.

Here are some Earth friendly suggestions and ideas you can implement tomorrow, the day after and the next...

1. Recycle recycle recycle!!! - It's the easiest thing to do! Once you get the hang of recycling, you can move on to buying recycled products! Fun huh?

2. Let there be light! - Buy a compact fluorescent bulb with solid state ballasts that fit into a regular light bulb socket. A compact compact fluorescent bulb uses 1/4 of the energy of an incandescent bulb while generating the same amount of light.

3. Turn it off! - Ever wondered if you should leave the car running while you wait for the kids to be dismissed from school? Leave it on if you'll be there for less than a minute, otherwise it's more efficient to turn it off and restart it when you're ready to go.

4. Batteries are evil! - Never throw spent batteries in the trash. They contain mercury, a hazardous substance that may leak into groundwater or be burned and released into the air. Don't go Either switch to rechargeable batteries or collect used batteries in a box. Then take them to a recycling facility once or twice a year.

5. Turn me on! - When you're not charging your mobile phone or any other household or office appliance, simply turn the switch off. So what if you're not the one paying the bills! But if you are, you'll save money!

6. Plastic isn't cool! - The next time you go grocery shopping, bring along your own bags. It's time we stopped using plastic and paper bags. And if you don't have bags for your shopping trips, I have Tote bags for sale at my online boutique. Visit the Online Tattoo Boutique Store today and get yourself a Tattoo Themed Tote Bag!

Hmm...there's more that you can do for the planet. I really can't list them all. Even world leaders have a role to play. For starters, stop the bloody war! Once they do that, this world will be a better place. Alright, enjoy Earth Day and don't forget to make a difference!

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