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Ghostly Encounters

If you're a sucker for ghost stories, I've got just the thing for you! I came across this awesome blog last night. Yup, it's a local Singaporean blog that's dedicated to ghost stories. All of the stories have been contributed by fellow Singaporeans.

I intend on contributing my encounters when I do have the time. I've had my fair share of ghostly encounters through the years. All of the encounters freaked the shit outta me. Yes, I am afraid of them bloody ghosts! Don't let the tattoos fool ya! I'm afraid of way too many things. Ghosts, cockroaches, balloons, bees, spiders, etc...My biggest fear is that centipedes will one day develop wings! If that day ever comes, I don't know what I'll do. You're probably thinking, "damn! this guy with so many tattoos is a wimp!!". Yep, you're right! Ok, I'm done shaming myself...

Hmm...let's talk a little more about this Ghost Story Blog. That's what this post was to be about anyway. The blog is called Hung Zai. If you know what Hung Zai means in English (leave a comment at the end of this post), I'll love to know. Anyway, the stories are categorized according to the neighbourhoods in Singapore. There's even stories from far away London, Thailand and Hong Kong. There's loads of army ghost stories too. Why am I not surprised?!

I was most interested in the hospital ghost stories. I have never personally been to the Old Changi Hospital. But I've heard lots about the place. I'm curious about something. Does the lift still work? All the stories that I've read and heard say that the lift or lifts still work till this day. How is this possible when the place isn't in use anymore?

If you've been to the Old Changi Hospital, I'll love if you could leave a comment and share your experience. I don't have the balls to step into that place but I sure wanna know what goes on there! For the rest of ya'll, visit for a spookylicious time!


  1. Hung is my name and zai means "kid" in cantonese. Hungzai is my nickname. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the stories and i look forward to you contributing yours.

  2. Oh ok...That's a cool nickname! Keep up the good work on the blog mate! I'll try to pen something soon. See ya at your blog real soon. =)

  3. i've ventured there once with a grp of friends, one of them nights we felt brave and wanted to explore.

    i didn't venture too far inside in the end, cos the place was freaking the shit out of me. plus, one of the girls suddenly blurted out she was having her menses. god knows why she only decided to open her stupid mouth when we REACHED the place.

    the boys that went in didn't say anything though. there's an old uncle that guards the place too. fuck knows where he gets his courage from.

    ya the lift still works, funny, altho the place is in bad shape and vandalised.

    i was warded there once, too, and boy it was NOT an enjoyable stay. my bed was facing a window that had a HUGE and old tree outside that just look so so creepy. isshhh. just typing this and recalling the tree is making my hair stand.

  4. still wanna noe wads going on down there.. i went there years back before i had my angel.. it was so fun.. running around like wierdos wif no idea where the hell we r going.. the only spook we got was chased by MPs n security guards


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