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Fri Da-di-da-di Day!

As Rod and The Married Men would say, it's a Fri Da-di-da-di Day! There was a time when I hated Fridays. And some Saturdays too. My short stint in the nightlife industry totally changed my perception of weekends!

When you work in the nightlife industry, you'll dread Fridays and Saturdays. At least for me that is. I completely hated weekends. I had to deal with idiots most of the time. The excuse "oh I'm drunk" is seriously over used! I had to drink with customers I didn't even like. Imagine that! I hear one of them fools is now a PR Manager. That's homicide in my books...

Well, there are some who love the nightlife industry. Take Sanjay from Ministry of Sound Singapore and Marco de Miranda from Bar None (now known as b:one and will soon be known as Bar None once again. How confusing!!!). Both these guys work incredibly hard to ensure that their clubs are functioning at it's best. That's not an easy feat mind you. Trust me, I tried and it was a pain in the bloody ass!!!

So the next time you're at a club partying your ass off, give the club manager a pat on his back. You could choose to buy them a strong drink. I suggest you buy them a Flaming Lamborghini, Waterfall or a good old Graveyard. Be sure not to tell the serve/waiter/waitress or bartender who the drink is for. Cheers ya'll!!

Off and on, friends have asked why I left the nightlife industry. To cut a long story short, I can't work for anyone. I'm enjoying what I'm doing right now. I'm having a blast doing my own thing. I'm all smiles these days. That to me is the essence of life! You've got to be happy with what you're doing. Only then will you find peace within yourself.

Deep inside me, I always knew that I'll work at Far East Plaza someday. Far East Plaza is truly a unique place. Where else in Singapore can you find a load of hardworking tattooed blokes on one single floor? Only at Far East Plaza!

Like I was saying, I'm happy with what I'm doing now. This blog is doing reasonably well in terms of advertising revenue and my online boutique is doing fairly alright. Also, I'm currently doing marketing work for two restaurants and it's been fun thus far. And there's the airbrush tattoos business which I recently started. I strongly believe that the airbrush tattoo business can go far in Singapore and Asia and it can be franchised. All it takes is hard work and time. For now, it sure looks like we're gonna be at Cafe del Mar in May and the Night Safari in June.

Alright...on to another business. My lovely wife Ann has started her very own business. She's been working on this for months. If diaper cakes could be eaten, I'll be the first to whack a chunk! She's come up with awesome diaper cakes that make really really good gifts! Here are some of the diaper cakes Ann has created...

For more information and to view more of her products, visit! I'm outta here. Have a good weekend folks!

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