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Yo Selamat! Where you at??

After Ann's hospital checkup earlier in the evening, we visited my grandfather's grave at Chua Chu Kang Christian cemetery. We bought some flowers and paid our respects...

Since we were in the area, we drove over to the Muslim cemetery so that Ann could visit her mom's grave. At the entrance of the Muslim cemetery, there was an army roadblock. The soldier asked us..."What are you doing here?". What the hell do people do when they visit a cemetery?! Have a party? Barbecue? Shop for a burial spot? Anyhow, the soldier proceeded to check the car and we were cleared to do whatever we intended to do in the cemetery.

After Ann was done, we drove to the other Muslim cemetery. We passed by the Chinese cemetery and they too had roadblocks at the entrances and exits. At the second Muslim cemetery, we were once again stopped. No questions were asked. All they wanted was for someone to step out of the car to open the boot. We were cleared within seconds.

My question is this...Why is it that all the cemeteries except the Christian one have roadblocks? It's weird ain't it?! There wasn't a single policeman or soldier in the Christian cemetery.

I read this blog a few minutes ago and it contains an interesting post. Apparently, Mas Selamat was seen in Pasir Ris last week. He went to a 7-Eleven near White Sands and the staff immediately recognized him. They called the police but they took 2 odd hours to arrive! I don't know how true this is. I ain't gonna judge. But if it's true, somebody needs a real hard kick on their behind!

I'm curious about something...If that was really Mas Selamat, how did he get to Pasir Ris? What did he buy at 7-Eleven? Where did he get money from? Did he buy the latest FHM issue? Did he buy the latest vibrator from Durex?? All these (except the last two) are questions which will be answered soon enough. At least we hope they will be...

(PS: If you ain't from Singapore and you're wondering who Mas Selamat is, I'm gonna fill you in... No, he isn't a monkey that escaped from the renowned Singapore Zoo. Mas Selamat is a terrorist that escaped from detention on the 27th of February 2008. Security has been stepped up and thousands of soldiers and police officers are searching for him round the clock. Wikipedia has an article about this pain-in-the-ass. To view this article, click here.)

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  1. lol. the pictures made me laugh! i will show my colleagues this later. i am amazed that you can joke about this. fhm? vibrator? lol...

  2. is this a joke to you noel???

  3. to the first anonymous: That image is by Go check them out when you can...
    Well, he's been on the run for some time. So who knows, he might just be some horny desperate loon now...

    to the second anonymous: While I do not think it's funny that a terrorist is on the run, I think it's a BIG fat joke that he managed to escape from detention in SINGAPORE!


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