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While I’m trying not to let the stomach flu get me down, I can’t help but swear! It’s even worse when you’ve got gastric. It’s like this 2-in-1 deal that you so don’t freaking need!

Here in Singapore, the search for Mas Selamat Kastari continues. I reckon it’s day 13 today. Singapore isn’t a big place. But I do understand that it’s a hell lot harder to look for an individual compared to an individual looking for a group if people. I hope I made sense there.

The government doesn’t want its people to speculate on how he escaped and where he is now. How do you avoid speculation when the general public isn’t given the information that they need? As much as I support the government, I think they could have played their cards better. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a blogger who loves tattoos…

I’ve finally figured out how to post on this blog via my mobile phone. With that said, you guys will be the first to know when my baby boy pops out of mommy next month. There will be live updates from the time Ann goes into labour, right up to the delivery.

The thing I enjoy most about blogging is that it allows me to share my life with you. Some of you are complete strangers. Some of you have known me as a young school boy. Some of you have worked along side with yours truly. I looked at my stats a short while ago. 73.6% of my readership in the last 14 hours came from the United States. Followed by….Singapore 7.9%, Canada 7.1%, United Kingdom 5%, Germany 1.6%, New Zealand 1.3%, Italy 1.3%, Italy 1.3%, India 1.1%, Australia 0.5% and UAE 0.5%.

A big Singaporean HELLO to one and all! I hope all is good where you’re at and keep safe aite! What are the chances of us ever crossing paths? I reckon you’ll have better luck winning the lottery. It’s about time for me to wrap up this post. Enjoy the rainy weather if you’re in Singapore. Take good care and god bless!


  1. hmm, seems that i contribute to the 1.3% frm Kiwiland. not too bad. ha!

  2. hmm, seems that i contribute to the 1.3% frm Kiwiland. not too bad. ha!

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  4. to jona-tat.2: Yup! When I saw the stats, I immediately thought of you. Thanks for the contribution!

    to crescenet Thanks mate! I'll check out your site in a minute. Thanks for swinging by and thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll...


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