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Mellow me Bryan!!!

I'm listening to the sweet sounds of Bryan Adams as I write this post. When I listen to an amazing artist like Bryan Adams, I suddenly become mellow and reflective. I reckon every Saturday should either be a Bryan Adams or Bob Marley day. It's nice to be mellow for a change. I've got so much angst with the idiots around me that I sometimes feel I'm going mad.

I read someone's blog yesterday and it made me smile. I was feeling a little down yesterday and this post on her blog made me smile like a jackass. She said some really nice stuff about my blog. Thanks Cheryl! You're a darling but I'm sure you already know that!

It's always nice to have old friends drop by this blog. Other than those that leave comments, I'll honestly say that I don't know who reads my blog. Every now and then, I'll bump into an old friend and he or she would remark that they've been keeping up to date with my life through this sometimes erratic blog. That's really awesome you know. Never have I imagined that I'll be able to reach out to hundreds on a single day. I am blessed in life and I thank god for that.

Our baby blog has been getting all sorts of offers. Some advertising companies want to place various forms of advertising on the blog. While the money offered is tempting, I have said No to all of them. I do not see the point in having advertisements that have no relation to parenthood and the little prince that's on the way. It's like having a blog about food and you have an advertisement banner that promotes a multifunction dildo! It sure ain't right!

Speaking of the baby blog, I'll start posting daily on that blog from tomorrow. Tomorrow is the start of the 30 day countdown till Little Noel pops out of Ann. I'm so fucking hyped about the whole thing. Ann is going through lots in the last trimester. From feeling breathless to the constant back aches, she's going through a tough battle with her body. But you know what? She's looks gorgeous! Pregnancy has brought out the best in her. Words just can't describe how things are...

Alright...I've got to go take care of Ann. She's not feeling too good. Enjoy the weekend and keep safe ya'll.


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