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Mas Selamat Kastari

There's one man that Singaporeans have been talking about. His name has been mentioned in Parliament, hawker centers, places of worship, etc... Mas Selamat Kastari is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Some of my international readers might have heard about him on CNN yesterday.

With all this talk, comes the negative comments about our country. People are speculating how he escaped detention. After all, this is Singapore we are talking about. While it's easy to speculate, these negative comments are doing anyone any good.

Nobody wanted this to happen. While it could have been prevented, this country will learn from it's mistakes. Inmates have escaped from prisons all over the world. Some of these prisons are the best in the world. I guess it's a learning process. Unfortunately for Singapore, the inmate that escaped is the very same man that wanted to harm thousands of innocent lives.

We have made headline news all over the world. Here are links to some of these articles...
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One scary question keeps popping up in my mind. What if he revives his plans? One can only hope that he doesn't. The only way we can ensure that doesn't happen is by catching this mad man.

With that said, every Singaporean now has a part to play. Our role is to keep a vigilant lookout. If you do see someone that looks like Mas Selamat Kastari, call the police without hesitation. If doesn't matter if you're wrong. What matters most is that we get Kastari behind bars again!


  1. N dats's true dude - A MAD MAN - who make us so difficult. Im working in a checkpoint and never happen in my life in the service a massive jam esp lorries...Quite pity with them,the workers waiting to be back home late every night sigh...So i hope and pray very hard he would be caught or instantly surrendered by himself..

  2. Damn! You guys must be going through a hard time there. I can imagine the chaos!!

    I pity the lorry drivers too. These guys are trying to earn a decent living. I sent an email to Home Affairs asking them to look into ways where refreshments can be given to the lorry drivers. I think it's the right thing to do. Especially so considering that the authorities are at fault with this terrorist gone missing!

    I'm with you on praying that Kastari will be caught soon. Take good care and I hope the situation at Woodlands will get better soon.

  3. F..k for leaving all tt shit that has affect most of our life of course mine badly
    hope he gets caught....
    PLEASE anyone notice similar appearance dont hesistate to inform the police..let's end it fast
    be on the lookout,possibilities; he might be also driving a vehicle when in most unnoticed situation like a traffic jam or an accident area to make way for his escape,
    he might be wearing some accessories to makeup for his look,
    he might be cycling ard even person with limped leg can cycle as usual however slower,
    he might be at most dangerous place 'cause saying goes most dangerous place is the safest'.

  4. only one commment his just a disgrace to his ancestor and his 'people' and family he should'nt have been born as human,rather i think a beast will suit him cause a beast/animal is without a correct brain that work/functions and think like other commoners and of course w/o moral ethics..

  5. hi anonymous! you sound pretty pissed off!! hang in there aite! i'm sure things will improve soon. try to smile mate!

  6. Its really ashamed with what singapore is always bragging about how efficient they are and with those hi tech tracking system to track people, and yet cannot even capture a so called terrorist in a teeny weeny island. Should have sacked the minister in charged for sleeping on his job.


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