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If you are from the Police Force...

If you are from the Police Force and you're reading my blog because a certain individual has made a police report regrading my post Batman and Superman are related!!, you can contact me at the following email addresses...

I have chosen not to reveal my contact number for obvious reasons. With that said, I'll be more than happy to hear from ya'll via email and if I do have to remove the post, I will. Do note that at the same time, I would also like to make a police report about the bloke that left a message on my tagboard. I have his/her IP address and service provider details on-hand for the report.

Thank you and have a smashing day! Superheroes rock!!!

(ps: I seriously think it was Spiderman that left the message on my tagboard. If it isn't Spidey, it's either Captain America or Robin. Then again, it might just be some guy dressed up as Wonder Woman!)


  1. haha..wat the hell man.. police report? that guys taking it too far u noe

  2. my thoughts exactly! i'm waiting to see what happens next...

  3. report what ? what grounds ? .. for reporting that he was given such "superhero" name ? ... hahahaha ... and that guy with such colourful nick .. start coming in here insulting everyone else ... i tell u .. "someone gonna get hurt .. real bad" ...

  4. i dunno balls. i'm not gonna bother till the cops call. that guy that left the message on the tagboard must be Robin. he's standing up for Batman and I totally understand that...

    i'll try to contact The Penguin and Joker and see what they can do. hmm...

  5. what in the world is the fella's problem?! can someone please remove the stick stuck up his you-know-what!

  6. Hi there, I work at a law firm here in Singapore. I think I know a friend of yours. She directed me to your blog.

    From what I read, you have not done anything wrong. The police might fuss about the unauthorized use of the Identity Card. But since you have had no contact with the IC (you did mention you received the image via email), you have nothing to worry about.

    If there's anything you're unsure of, you can get my contacts from Samantha.

    Regards, Lee.

  7. hi alyson! i wished i knew. he must have the bat mobile up his ass!!

    thanks Lee. good to know a lawyer reads my blog. heh!

  8. This is the funniest! Seriously, this Batman guy has had his ID sent through the world wide web. Even my relatives here in Australia have seen that email.

    On what grounds is he going to sue you for? If he is going to sue. Then again, he might as well sue the smart one who emailed it to the world ain't it?

    Oh common! Get a life. Perhaps, you should get Cat Woman as well to show him some love and tell him he is such a hero!!

  9. For real? This Batman fella is a star! I bet he is now more famous than Fann Wong and Zoey Tay!!!

    Hahahahaha....I think they're just gonna make a police report. They can lick my balls for all I care....

    If I get Cat Woman, I'll keep her for myself. She's hot with her suit and all. She's a nice little pussy. MEOW!!

  10. Obviously the person woke up with a serious case of FTW and decided to start with you. Just give him a big steaming cup of STFU back, pat him on his super tight sphincter and send him on his jolly way!!!


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