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Funky Stomach

Hi all, sorry I couldn't post the weekly Tattooed & Hot yesterday. Wasn't feeling too good yesterday and today isn't any better. It ain't the nicest feeling when you've got the stomach flu! The Tattooed & Hot post will be up in an hour. After which, I'm heading back to bed...

Aite....later folks!


  1. hey man! pretty bummed out by the flu bug i suppose. nasty stuff.
    hope ya get well soon yeah?

    as for the maori tatt? yeah i know the kiwi's are very protective abt their heritage, so i'm not sure what i can get though. there's this great tatt shop at the place i'm studying at, here's their webby you can take a look.

    once i save enough, i'm definitely popping by! but if it's not too much of a bother, can ya pass me ya fren's email? it would be great to know what he has to share!

    til the next post, takecare and get well soon!

  2. yea man! i'll take on the flu any day. it's a total bummer whenever your stomach goes all weird!

    the site looks good. i'm sure the artists there will do a helluva good job.

    i'll drop you an email with his contact later in the day.

    aite...over and out!


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