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Drugs And Wrestling

I read on last night that Jeff Hardy has been handed another suspension. This time, Jeff is suspended for 60 days. Why the suspension you may ask? This is Jeff's second violation under the substance abuse program.

The Talent Wellness Program was implemented by the WWE in 2006. The WWE Talent Wellness Program carries out random substance abuse and drug tests on their performers. Details of this Wellness Program can be found here.

As I mentioned earlier, this is Jeff’s second offense since the program started. The next time he gets caught for substance abuse, he will get the sack. That would be unfortunate but inevitable at the rate he’s going. Between the two Hardy’s (Matt his brother from the SmackDown brand), I really dig Jeff. His high flying moves are always a joy to watch. Put him in ladder match and he'll blow you away!

Looking back at the recent wrestling deaths, it would be extremely sad if we one day lose a top notch performer like Jeff Hardy at a young age. Not just Jeff but any young gifted individual…

Here are some wrestlers that have died before their time…
Brian Pillman – Age: 35 – Cause: Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
Rick Rude – Age: 41 - Cause: Heart Attack
Owen Hart – Age: 33 - Cause: Accidental Fall
"Yokozuna" Rodney Anoia – Age:34 - Cause: Heart Attack
"British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith – Age: 39 - Cause: Heart Attack
“Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig – Age: 44 - Cause: Drug Overdose
"Miss Elizabeth" Elizabeth Heulette - Age: 42 - Cause: Drug Overdose
"Road Warrior Hawk" Mike Hegstrand – Age: 46 - Cause: Heart Attack
Ray "Big Boss Man" Traylor – Age: 42 - Cause: Heart Attack
Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow – Age: 45 - Cause: Drug Overdose
Chris Benoit – Age:40 - Cause: Suicide
Eddie Guerrero – Age: 38 - Cause: Heart Failure
(for a Comprehensive list of deceased professional wrestlers, visit this blog.)

As I write this post, I understand that Scott Hall “Razor Ramon”, Sean Waltman “X-Pac” and Ron Simmons are currently in a drug treatment facility. It’s great that both Scott and Sean have taken WWE’s offer in paying for their treatment. Another former WWE Superstar also took WWE’s offer not too long ago. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts underwent treatment at the same facility Scott Hall is at and was released from rehab a few days ago. From what I hear, the snake man is doing good. Awesome awesome news!

I’m not sure if these pro-wrestlers know how much they mean to their fans. Personally, the last few years have been pretty emotional. The death of Eddie Guerrero was exceptionally hard to take. Here was a wrestler that I truly admired. Eddie was the package! He had the persona, showmanship and the experience to carry a main event on any given day. Not just any main event but one that many would remember for a long time. That’s how good he was!

To all the wrestlers that have left us, we miss you and thanks for the memories. To those that are still around, it’s time you start thinking about the people around you. Think about the millions of fans around the world. We would give up a limb just to be you for a day!

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