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Did this blogger cook up a story?

It sure seems that the Mas Selamat post I mentioned last night is a fake. Here's what I said...
"I read this blog a few minutes ago and it contains an interesting post. Apparently, Mas Selamat was seen in Pasir Ris last week. He went to a 7-Eleven near White Sands and the staff immediately recognized him. They called the police but they took 2 odd hours to arrive! I don't know how true this is. I ain't gonna judge. But if it's true, somebody needs a real hard kick on their behind!"
That blog has either been removed by the owner or by the authorities. I left a comment on that blog advising the blogger to be a 100% certain that whatever she has mentioned on her blog is 100% accurate. If whatever she said in that post was false, she's gonna be in a whole lot of trouble. Her post was duplicated and posted in forums. Many Netcitizens took this as a golden opportunity to slam the government and the police.

Frankly I don't see the point in blaming anyone. What we need to do as a country is to pick things up and move on. There's no point looking back and blaming anyone. A mistake has been made and it's a mistake that will not be made again. For every bad thing that happens, something good comes along. I've personally seen the various races get together to distribute flyers about Mas Selamat. This is what Singapore is all about. A bunch of races living and working together in perfect harmony. We've seen the army work alongside with the police and Gurkha contingent. This is a real-life scenario that will help both the Home Team and Mindef better understand their capabilities.

So yeah, let's think positive Singapore! He will be caught soon. Oh yes he will!


  1. Yeah! I was reading it yesterday and was thinking to myself that if it was true, wouldn't it be splashed all over the news already?

    I was just telling my friend about it and was trying to look for the blog too. Looks like someone's in trouble after posting that eh?

    Yeah, i'm pretty sure they would find him. After all, its only been 21 days since he's done a Houdini!

  2. Hey Alyson...I reckon lots of people were looking for it earlier today. It got to number one spot in such a short time on last night.

    Well, good luck to that girl. She should have known better...

    What's the addy to your blog? I wanna see!! Heh heh...

  3. She's a real hero for blogging about that. I seriously wonder whether it's true since she actually dared to blog about it.

    If it was true, and if it really did take the police 2 hours to get there, I wonder who should be in hot soup.

    Hmmm ;)

    I think you've visited my blog before, Noel. Do come visit again :)

  4. Just visited your blog. You're right! I have visited your blog before. Thanks for the link. I'll bookmark it. Better still, I'll link you on my blog...

    I really doubt the police would take 2 or more hours. It's very very unlikely. Just the other day, there was this unmanned car that was parked along Old Upper Thomson Road. That's just behind my house. Two patrol cars and an army vehicle arrived within a very short time. After which, a Gurkha driven Land Rover arrived.

    So yeah, the boys in blue are on the ball now.

    Your post about durians have got me craving! Damn it!!!

  5. you got any links to those forums?

    yongwei92 at

    love your blog.

  6. Awww...thanks Yongwei! I've sent you an email. Check erm links when you're free. :-)


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