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Batman and Superman are related!!

This to too funny not to post! Parents can be really cruel when they name their kids. But this tops everything I've heard and seen. My thanks to Felicia for the email and the good laugh!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! :D

    poor boy!! :D

    cracks me up!!!!

    can't stop laughing now!!!

    p.s : i didn't know superman screw louis and *ping!* batman is born!!


  2. wtf !!! hahahahahaha ... batman bin suparman .. i guess is a malaysian superman we are looking at here .. superman for the west .. and suparman for the east ... hahahahahahahahahahahaaa ... my goodness that guy must the center of attraction for his friends .. cant imagine whats gonna happen when he goes in the army ... "recruit batman ! fall in !" or "recruit suparman ! fall in !" .... oh gosh ! hahahahahaa

  3. to ophelia: I think superman has been screwing other people as well. i remember this porn flick i once watched. hmmm...

    to eddy@chiangmai: wow bro!! i believe this is your first comment on my blog! this boy is gonna get a hell lot of crap when he enlists in the army. hahaha...

  4. someone's very angry for his friend with such a cool nick like "f@#k u" .. isnt it coooooooooooool to have a nick the insults people ... "chey !" ...

  5. well...let that person be angry. some people have too much angst. lets all be happy and smile. and have a beer too...cheers to batman and superman!!


    its so damn funny i cant contain my laughters.... lol lol lol

  7. see! everyone thinks this is hilarious!! thanks for dropping by deadpris. i have been to your blog right? the nick sounds familiar...


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