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Awesome Pet Portrait

I wanted to post a picture of this awesome tattoo I came across a few weeks ago. But with most tattoo related posts I do, I first needed to get approval from the owner of this tattoo. Feral got back to me and she's more than happy to let me share this personal tattoo on my blog. I love tattoos that have a deep meaning. This tattoo has all of that and more...

This is a portrait of Feral's dog, Lupa. Lupa was born on a full moon and sadly, Lupa died on a full moon. Natasha from Final Sin Tattoo Studio did an awesome job!


  1. heart goes out to her...and that's a lovely tattoo...

    I miss my Bandito too =(

  2. great tatt! fantastic detail work.

    =) awesome stuff.

  3. What a beautiful tatoo! I'm very impressed! :)


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