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Marriage and Tattoos

It’s weird that Darren Brass has only one vote on my polls. I consider Darren an outstanding artist that uses his graffiti days to his advantage. I’ll get inked by Darren any day!

Lately, some friends have been asking how it feels to be a married man. It’s really an awesome feeling! Every morning, I wake up next to the most beautiful person. My relationship with Ann is different compared to other relationships I’ve had. 41 relationships to be exact. My friends don’t call me a retired whore/slut for nothing…

Back to my relationship with Ann. We’re like best friends. That’s what a relationship is all about right? We talk about everything and we do everything together. Bottom line is that we’re having fun. If this is what love is all about, I’m glad I finally found it.

For the first time, everyone in the Boyd household was tattooed. My mom, dad and Leon had groovy tattoos which I never thought I’d see. Before anyone freaks out, the tattoos are temporary. I was testing out my airbrush tattoo equipment before we officially start next week.

I’ve been keeping this hush hush till everything is finalized. While things look promising, I ain’t say much more. I’ll tell more next week.

Alright, I’ve gotta go. The wife is awake and we should be going out for dinner later. And maybe monopoly after dinner. Enjoy your Sunday and god bless!

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