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Donuts that taste so good!

If you love donuts, you'll dig these donuts. If you aren't a donut fan, you might just start craving for them. Munchy Donut has the best tasting donuts. I personally think it beats other donut chain stores hands down!

Their slogan is, One is not enough! Which is pretty much true after you're done with your first one. Their donuts are creamy and soft. Their chocolate donuts are so creamy that it immediately melts in your mouth after your first bite...

Munchy Donuts stores are located at the following places...
  • 226 Tanjong Katong Rd
  • Causeway Point (Cold storage)
  • Eastwood (Cold storage)
  • United Square (Cold storage)
  • Millenia Walk
  • Thomson Plaza
And now ladies and gentlemen, the pictures....

Rainbow Choz & Silly-mon (cinnamon donut)

Typhoon Oreo & Choz B'nanaVolcano

My lovely wife

A large box (12 pieces) sells for SGD$13.00


  1. i just had these last night.

    and i heard they aren't as nice as the ones from raffles city.

  2. Hmm...what's the one at Raffles City called? I love the donuts at the Munchy Donut Thomson Plaza outlet. Anything with chocolate rocks!! Ann and I have been there 3 days in a row!

    They must think we're stalking them!!

  3. i can't remember what they're called and i never got to try them either because i don't do 2 hour queues. haha.

  4. 2 hours?? that's insane! i'll never queue that long for food. i'll be drooling non-stop till the counter. after which, i'll die from hunger...


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